St. Leonard's Community Services (London)



St. Leonard's Community Services (London)


Zone 3: West



Telephone: 519-850-3777

About & Services

St. Leonard’s Community Services (SLCS) is a community agency dedicated to promoting positive change in all persons who are, or could be, in conflict with the justice system to realize their potential, contributing to a safer and healthier community.   St Leonard’s provides a range of services including youth and adult community programs, school-based youth programs, and adult residential programs.

Our school-based programs, typically focused on diversion practices and restorative approaches, include:

  • Peer Power, geared to empower and support youth through intervention and prevention
  • Restorative Approaches, providing students the opportunity to engage in positive restoration in dealing with conflict
  • Extrajudicial Sanctions & Measures
  • Justice Circles, an alternative to court proceedings, involving community volunteers, the victim, the youth, and their families
  • Youth Counseling (including Time to Think, Get a Grip, Choices), early intervention and preventative programs offered in both group and individual formats

SLCS youth community programs are offered to youth on probation or those who may be struggling with homelessness.

  • The Attendance Centre offers a structured and supervised program focusing on a number of criminogenic risk factors with the aim of reducing recidivism
  • The one-on-one Intensive Reintegration Services program, including a program specific to individuals with diagnosed or suspected FASD, similarly focuses on the management of criminogenic factors for youth who are at high risk to re-offend within the community upon transition from youth custody.
  • Project Home focuses on housing youth who have experienced chronic homelessness



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