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About & Services

Banyan Community Services:
All of our services are supported through the multi-disciplinary team that is informed by child and family work, psychiatry, psychology, social work, education, physical health and spirituality and culture.
2015-2020 Strategic Goals
Organizational Health
Empower our employees: Implement a leadership framework that drives and thrives on positive workplace culture.

Service and Operational Excellence
Understand our processes: Increase the understanding of our clients by implementing a management system across all sites and use this information to improve one service delivery practice every year.
Stabilize our clients: All of clients will engage in our structured supports program with the expected outcome to stabilize 100% of them.

Quality and Safety
Provide a safe environment: Understand the root cause of peer-to-peer incidents and work to reduce 10% of their occurrences.

Financial Health
Become financially sustainable: Diversify the operational budget, so that by 2020, 10% of funds are derived from new initiatives through collaborations with community partners.

Programs and Services
Working within the Ministry of Children and Youth’s Youth Justice Outcomes Framework, Banyan’s Youth Justice Residential programs provide programming and support services for youth who have been placed by the court in an open or secure facility. Our programs target 4 key outcomes:  improved function and positive social behaviours, increased skills and abilities, increased youth engagement with supports and decreased re-offending to ensure public safety and promote the successful reintegration of youth back into their communities.

Arrell Youth Centre
Secure Custody and Secure Detention
16 beds –male residents only

Peninsula Youth Centre
Secure Custody and Secure Detention
16 beds –male residents only

George R. Force Group Home
Open Custody and Open Detention
10 beds –male residents only

Reintegration Services (Hamilton and Niagara)
The Banyan Community Services (BCS) Reintegration Services help young people who have been in conflict with the law, succeed in their communities.  Individualized intervention focuses on supporting the youth to meet their basic needs, to address identified cognitive and clinical issues and to improve family and social functioning, to reduce recidivism.  The Case Manager may also request support with re-integration planning for those young people who have received a custodial disposition to increase his/her chances of success once he/she returns to the community.

Counselling & Assessment
The primary service objectives are to provide youth with tools/resources necessary to increase positive social behaviour, increase problems solving skills and increase youth engagement with community & family supports.
Services are offered to youth on probation who have mental health issues.  Referrals are made from a Probation Officer.  Services are short-term (8 Sessions) and include an assessment of the youth’s strengths/needs and goals, a treatment plan, a Case Management Plan, a discharge plan and referrals to external services.  Services may include consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist if necessary.

Youth Court Mental Health Worker (YCMHW)
The YMHCW works with young people who are involved in the youth court criminal justice system and who appear to have mental health related issues.  The YMHCW’s role is to establish effective relationships between the youth, the youth justice court and appropriate youth justice resources in order to divert youth from the courts where appropriate.   The youth who is considered appropriate for diversion will be linked to mental health and other community services and supports.  The YMHCW acts as the case manager who oversees the youth’s attendance and progress.

SNAP® Boys Program and SNAP ® Girls Program
Our strong partnership with Child Development Institute (CDI) who view’s Banyan as a “gold standard” provider of the SNAP Program developed this model over 30 years ago as an intervention program for children under the age of 12 in conflict with the law, SNAP® has evolved into an internationally-recognized, evidence-based, gender-specific model. SNAP is a proven program that focuses on emotion-regulation, self-control and problem-solving and teaches children with behavioural problems, and their parents, how to make better choices “in the moment.”
The SNAP® program at Banyan is offered free of charge to the community as a prevention strategy. The goal is to keep children and youth in school and out of trouble.

Community Services
Working with the Ministry of Health and Long term Care through the Hamilton Burlington, Haldimand, Niagara Local Health Integration Network (HNHBLHIN), Community Support Service organizations like Banyan provide a wide range of services in the community. Encompassing everything from day programming to support, from friendly calling to assessment and referral, these services support residents in achieving and maintaining their health.
The HNHBLHIN Strategic Health System Plan goal is to dramatically improve the client experience through Quality, Integration and Value.  At Banyan we continue to be firmly focused on that goal as we provide support to our clients to assist them living independently in the comfort of their home.

Our Grocer-Ease program provides a grocery shopping and delivery service for elderly, unwell, or disabled persons who are unable to get out and purchase their own groceries.  Developed in 1983, we are part of a network of community support services that enable those that are home bound, the ability to do so with dignity.

The program supports bound individuals, families who have assumed principal care of the home-bound individual, and fill gaps in service networks required of a caring community.  Over the past 21 years Grocer-Ease has purchased and delivered $5,000,00 worth of groceries to more than 1,000 individual seniors and persons with disabilities.

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