Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc.



Anago (Non) Residential Resources Inc.


Zone 3: West



About & Services

For over 50 years, Anago’s philosophy has been to establish positive therapeutic relationships with supported individuals. Anago focuses on a person’s gifts and believes that everyone has different abilities not disabilities. Anago serves female youth in need of protection, male youth in conflict with the law, and individuals with developmental disabilities who may also be medically fragile.

The word “Anago” comes from Greek language. “Ana” means “to redo something, to improve on it.” Ago is the verb “to lead.” Anago, literally translated means “to lead from one place to a better place.”


To provide a safe and inclusive environment that inspires individuals to realize their own potential resulting in a resilient and vibrant community.


Celebrating an empowered and cohesive community!

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