Strengthening Member Agencies

Provide a collective voice
Influence policy
Networking and Linkages
Exchanging knowledge

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Developing Partnerships

Contract & Partner with Boards of Education
Promote Efficient & Effective Services
Collaborate with other Children's Services.
Work in partnership with Government

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Building Safer Communities

Tough on crime, not on kids
Effective Rehabilitative Programming
Holding youth accountable for actions
Role model respectful, healthy relationships

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Welcome to Youth Justice Ontario

Youth Justice Ontario is a provincial association representing transfer payment agencies that provide essential and mandatory services to youth who come in conflict with the law.

We advocate for a system that works with the whole youth in an integrated fashion and role models respectful, healthy relationships. We strongly believe that y outh engaged in their communities do not harm communities.

We respect and value the need to work cooperatively with the government and our local communities. Youth Justice Ontario believes that rehabilitation and change is key for the future of these youth and their communities.

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